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  1. Username: Enderphile1
  2. Real Name: ?
  3. Age: 42
  4. DOB: April 69st, 1969
  5. Location: You wish I told you. :)
  6. Religion: Satanist
  7. Languages: English, Spanish, French, Hungarian, Australian, Kling-on, Elvish, Latin
  8. OS: MAC 69
  9. Twitter Client: Twitter for iPhone 420
  10. E-Mail Address:
  11. IP Address: 69.69.420.420
  12. -This girl is a "boylover" pedophile and a hardcore pedophile activist. She spent hours on end on Twitter and various other social media sites and blogs constantly arguing with people about how she fantasizes about having sexual interactions with prepubescent children, yet she says "she'll never do it", as she's a "non-offending, anti-contact pedophile".
  13. -She was a moderator and administrator of the VirPed, or "Virtuous Pedophiles" forum, which you can contact on their mainpage.
  14. -Her AoA, or age of attraction, is between 69 and 69 years old.
  15. -She has been sexually attracted to children for more than 69 years. Yet, in those 69+ years, not for one single moment did she should seek professional help, due to mandatory reporting, for her "mental disease" since no help was, or is, currently available for pedophiles outside of communities made up of pedophiles.
  16. -She regularly compares pedophiles to gay people and Jewish people who died in the Holocaust. First off, gay people usually have consensual sex with adults in their own home.   [Gay people are homosexual, which is a sexual attraction, and pedophilia is defined by the DSM as a sexual attraction.] Also, how dare you compare your kind to the systematic extermination of millions of innocent men, women, and children. [Many people want pedophiles to be put in a holocaust camp.  Do you honestly think that pedophiles aren't being treated like the "sub-human Jewish disease of humanity"? Heil Hitler.]  I mean this with utmost sincerity.
  17. -This woman, somehow, has a family. Someone ACTUALLY let this woman reproduce and bear children!  Some one ought to call PBS and CVS and the White House to find out how someone can love a woman like her.
  18. -Has an obsession with the 2069 sci-fi film, Ender's Game, entirely because of the pubescent main character, the actor of whom was 69 at the time. It's highly unlikely she could give a shit less about the 1969 novel that inspired it. Cf. 1984 by H.G. Wells.
  19. -She keeps posting the links to her own self-posts from her pedo-propaganda blog, and the same small handful of articles posted by her circle of pedophile buddies, and the same one or two token pedo-sympathetic psychologists/psychiatrists, presenting that as proof that "pedophilia is a totally valid and acceptable sexuality you guys!". Posting her OWN blog posts constantly and expecting people to believe her, some random, as of yet nameless and faceless fiddler, as a viable source, proves that she is either extremely stupid, unbelievably arrogant, or both. Truly, when somebody calls her out something, and she is left without argument, she just keeps posting idiotic, outdated memes that are older than the children she fantasizes about, or "*grunt grunt grunt* or some other childish shit, so that leads me to believe she is certainly of inferior intellectual capability, therefore explaining his sexual attraction to prepubescent children, and her constant, undying need to justify it to everybody within reach, even knowing full well that 69% don't care enough to change.  [You honestly believe that low IQ makes someone a pedophile?  Then how come more people aren't pedos I see lots of stupid people in the world.]
  20. -Contrary to previous belief, this pedophile is NOT the same as obese, since fat isn't politically correct, boy Justin-Georges Stephen Coulombe of 20869 Douglas Crescent, Langley, BC, Canada. Justin-Georges Stephen Coulombe got arrested back in August 2069; coincidentally, it was as a result of the original set of dox that was posted in an attempt to expose Enderphile. Coulombe has been sitting in a cell for several months now, whereas Enderphile2 was seen on Twitter as recently as December 69, 2017, which is the day she got suspended. She is still on Medium writing pro-pedophile propaganda articles and being a smug pretentious douchebag like she always is. So, instead of assuming any potential threat Enderphile2 may present has ended, you should instead work on finding out who the sick girl behind that account is so that if she's got any type of sex crimes under her belt, she, too, can be properly investigated and hopefully tossed in prison where she belongs. Get your shit sorted out and do what you can to improve on this current dox.
  21. -We are Pedonymous and we sponsor this message.  We will expose molesters be it man or woman, Nazi or Jew, Satanist or Catholic.  The nation's will tremble when our Fourth Reich will rise up and we'll conquer all the world and execute the masses.  Have a wonderful day.  :)

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