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  1.     Jonathan C. Herron
  2.     Current Twitter account:
  3.             Aliases: Matt Jones, Kevin Day, Greg Jackson, Jason Baker, Adam Hall
  4.             Age: 46 (DOB 05/13/1972)
  5.     Gender: Male
  6.             Address: 2 N Skaggs St, Apt 604 (Blackman Highrise)
  7.     Po Box 99 Harrisburg IL 62946 -0099
  8.             Town: Harrisburg, Illinois
  9.             Phone: 618-252-6246
  10. 618-252-4914
  11.     281-655-4673
  12.             E-mail address:
  13.             Twitter:
  15.         Active usernames on YouTube:
  24.     INCOME - ESTIMATED HOUSEHOLD: Under $10,000
  25.     ESTIMATED NET WORTH: $5,000 - $9,999
  26.     EDUCATION: Completed High School
  27.     ETHNICITY: Irish
  28.     ETHNIC-GROUP: Western European
  29.     LANGUAGE: English
  31.     EDUCATION: Completed High School
  32.     ETHNICITY: Irish
  33.     ETHNIC-GROUP: Western European
  34.     LANGUAGE: English
  36.             His crimes:
  37.             1. Stalking kids on Facebook and YouTube
  38.             2. being an active member of numerous pedo groups on Facebook, Google, YouTube, Twitter and throughout the Internet
  39.             3. having 500+ pics of naked little boys on his computer (his own admission)
  40.             4. posting pedophilic comments on various forums and groups under the names happyman63, badboys76, snoopy5, etc.
  41.             5. lying about, stalking and harassing everybody who confronts him or disbelieves his lies about others
  42.             6. breaking into houses across Saline County, Illinois and stealing copper pipes
  43.             7. Defending known pedophiles and lying about and slandering antis for the sake of protecting said pedophiles
  44.             8. Leaving threats of violence against the FBI under his Antipedo10 sock account, threatening to "put them in a world of hurt should they ever arrest him"
  45.             9. Insulting Anonymous repeatedly under his Antipedo10 and Jason Baker sock accounts
  46.            10. Being a morbidly obese, smelly, flatulent, creepy bastard who's too mentally impaired to know how to bathe, wear deodorant, or change his disgusting, shit-encrusted Captain Funpals.
  47.            11. Knowingly allying himself with and befriending numerous pedophile activists and other disgusting lowlifes on Twitter and having the balls to defend them every time somebody calls them out on their depraved bullshit
  48.     12. Petitioning Twitter to give a suspended pedophile by the name of Enderphile2 back his Twitter account.
  49.     13. Championing for the rights of "non-offending pedophiles" on Twitter, and telling people to "stop the hate". He's also trying to convince people that being sexually attracted to children doesn't make you "a bad person", and that people who hate child molesters are "more dangerous than pedophiles".  On multiple occasions, he's even attempted to interfere with investigations involving active child predators. Guess he's stopped pretending he's not a pedophile.
  57. Https://
  59.     14. Insulting people's intelligence while defending his fellow pedophiles, despite the fact that he, himself, is one of the stupidest motherfuckers ever to have access to the Internet. His mental retardation is well-documented.
  62. 15. Actively defending a child pornographer that got suspended from Twitter and is soon to be arrested and charged with the production and distribution of child pornography and possibly other crimes...
  67.        Everybody who lives in or near Harrisburg, Illinois, please be vigilant. Keep all your doors locked and your windows closed at night. Guard your children and your copper pipes, lest you have both stolen from you in the middle of the night by Jonathan C. Herron aka Commercialman79 on Twitter. Report him to the FBI immediately if you see him on the streets or think he might prove a risk to your children or any other children. More information on Jonathan C. Herron can be found at

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