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  1. Name: Todd Nickerson
  2. Age: 45
  3. Date of Birth:  December 23, 1972
  4. Likely Current Address: 980 Jot Em Down Road, Morris Chapel, Tennessee
  5. Eye Color:      Blue
  6. Hair Color:     Blond
  7. Other:  Deformity of right arm.
  9. Facebook:
  10. Twitter:
  11. Aliases: Markaba
  12. Lateralus
  13.     M
  14.     Starkroth
  15.     neomythic
  16.     tonicker
  17.     Todd
  18.     Lateralus
  19.     ICQ: 271840466
  21. Known E-mail Accounts
  29. Todd Nickerson AKA Markaba is a pedophile activist who is into child pornography, as is evident by his desire to begin a so-called "blogging project", where he will profile well-known nude artworks of children. He's also openly admitted to communications with young girls.
  31. -He is missing most of his right forearm. He wears a prosthetic.
  33. -His age of attraction is 6-12, though he has professed he would go as low as 3.
  35. -He has openly admitted to babysitting children and going in the bathroom and masturbating to sick fantasies involving said children. It's only a matter of time until he succumbs to his disgusting urges and starts lashing out and molesting children, if he hasn't already.
  37. -He has written several propaganda articles on Salon and other websites painting himself and other pedophiles as tragic victims instead of the sexually deviant mutant fucks that they truly are. He believes that the people who are understandably disgusted and horrified by him and other pedophiles lusting after their children are the real monsters.
  39. -He has openly admitted on numerous occasions that the only reason he hasn't molested children, provided he's not lying through his teeth about having never touched a child like pedos are wont to do, is not because of issues with the morality of it, but rather, the legality of it. He has admitted that he would happily indulge in child pornography and have sex with children if it were legal to do so.
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