Server Shell && Deface P

From Red V!per, 3 Years ago, written in Bash, viewed 829 times.
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  1. #!/bin/bash
  2. # Server Shell && Deface Page Finder V 0.1
  3. # Coded By : Red V!per
  4. # Tnx 2 : All Red Hat Hackers
  7. export HISTFILE=/dev/null;
  8. echo
  9. echo -n "Search started at: "
  10. date
  11. find / -type f ( -name "*.htm" -o -name "*.html" -o -name "*.phtml" -o -name "*.php" -o -name "*.ll" -o -name "*.perl" -o -name "*.ssh" -o -name "*.php.dem" -o -name "*.pHp.dem" -o -name "*.js" -o -name "*.txt" -o -name "*.shtml" -o -name "*.py" -o -name "*.swt" -o -name "*.izri" -o -name "*.irzi" -o -name "*.php.jpg" -o -name "*.PHP" -o -name "*.php.jpeg" -o -name "*.php.gif" -o -name "*.sh" -o -name "*.cgi" -o -name "*.log" -o -name "*.pl" ) ! -iname "exploit-scanner.php" ! -iname "extra-strings.php" ! -iname "authorizenet_cc_[abc]im.php" ! -iname "chronocontact.html.php" ! -iname "view.html.php" ! -wholename "*/broken-link-checker/*" ! -wholename "*/wishlist-member/*" ! -wholename "*/supercache/*" ! -wholename "*/cache/*" -print0 | xargs -0 egrep -Hil '(GMJK Crew)|(fLasHcoM CpAnEl)|(FeeLCoMz)|(Bk-code shell)|(MaZaCrEw CpAnEl)|(VopCrew)|(fuckerboy)|(Cyber Crew Shell)|(OrigamiCrew)|(CyBeSteR)|(N3tsh_surl)|([ bjork)|(COLUMBUSSheLL)|(c88sh)|(Crazy_Hacker)|(Fx29Sh)|(r57sh)|(c99sh)|(!m​PLe SHeLL)|(web shell)|(PoWeReD BY GodFatheR)|(Webcomm-Cr3w)|(O0O.maxx)|(Nigerian Spam Community)|(IcHig0)|(Modif by :)|(Sincan2)|(EdianShell)|(Tiagow)|(PackBot)|(mass.eMailer)|(MASS MAIL!!!)|(FxID)|(Oishi Crew)|(DexQy-community)|(J4m35_B0nd)|(psyBNC)|(milw0rm)|(sUxCrew)|($c99)|(HackerBooty)|(ThOu​rOS)|(Chanary)|(ccpower -config)|(cENxShell)|(|(autoversi.tcl)|(Defaced by)|(H4cked By)|(h4ck3d by)|(Fatihul Ulum)|(By TouchMoneY)|(Sender Mails)|(HacKer EgypT)|(rootshell-team)|(SHELL FUCKER)|(Mailer by Albrim)|(FraNGky)|(Karaw4nghacK)|(-=ok=-)|(PHP IRC Bot)|([S]uper[BAD])|(Emp3ror Undetectable)|(ByroeNet Team)|(Pitbull Bot)|(By racrew)|(Masss Defacer)|(Data Cha0s)|(webadmin.php)|(Cyber One)|(xcrew--)|(by ladusty)|(no malware on this code,)|(SnL_ayaz_/was_here)|(DONSHAQ Was Here)|(YoUngEST - Mass Mailer)|(DoS-Dz)|(devilzShell)|(By Shaun$$)|(patrao PHP)|(IndoIrc LCC)|(JaheeM Galaxy)|(Naija Boys Too Much)|(MulCiShell)|(Shell uploader By HalT)|(Shany was here)|(["lol"])|(send evil code)|(Andre_Corleone)|(Upload fisier:)|(Vrs-hCk)|(By Continue Crew)|(Phpshell)|(paraghcybernet)|(Database Scanner)|($$haun$$)|(KecoaK)|(cow_revo)|(Fx29ID)|(bhlcrew)|(PHP-Mailer)|(InboX Mass Mailer)|(ALL-inbox Mailer)|(cPanel brute forcer)|(gblack Was Here)|(indoshell)|(eX Mortal)|(RawckerHeaD)|(SimAttacker)|(V.I.T.A.L.)|(zreg exploit)|(ReloaD-X)|(dodol was here)|(eX was here)|(Codz by angel)|(cakill schumbag)|(Shevchenko)|(ONeTCr3w)|(Rengkong)|(yogyacarderlink Crew)|(:: Mailer Inbox ::)|(-HackeR-)|(Emoney --)|(Goog1e_analist_certs)|(owned by c0d3d)|(UnixStats Mass MaiLer)|(Hacked By NHC)|(Bot Shell)|(Response CMD)|(.:: Welcome ::.)|(BARUKLINTHENG)|(--=[ genol]=--)|(Upload GAGAL !!!)|(by shegs35c)|(Dz-Gr33nF@TheR)|(Super Floooder)|(D4rk Cod3rs)|(PHP Bot ::)|(online hacker)|(SerCom CoLi)|(By Th3-r4wKs)|(KingDefacer)|(|(By DurjanA)|(r1pp3rm4ya)|(Backdoor by RoCu)|(By Pejvaknuse)|(Spider PHP Shell)|(NeutroX CorP)|(ZaraByte File Uploader)|(DONEJE Was Here)|(Killer Hack)|(Simo64 WebShell)|(Morocain checker)|(AKACHIMAILER)|(iMHaBiRLiGi PhpFtp)|(Andalas_oku)|(BlAcK.JaGuAr)|(SUNT LA emailul)|(Hacker Indonesia)|(Thund3rC4sH)|($shell = curl_exec)|(james0baster)|(_860972539_)|(MadeinChina)|(WordPress Inserter Links)|(phpRemoteView)|(Shell by aak)|(fullz.result)|(::xs86-)|(gog1=liTiTTT1Ti1I)|(Dr.Timor)|(by r3v3ng4ns)|(By Iron Mask)|(B a n k l i n e)|(FODAX CORPORATION)|(Simple Shell)|(: inb0x :)|(Irc.Allnetwork.Org)|(-234- >)|(BY HaTeX)|(empixcrew)|(HTTP_SHELL)|($tds ="http://)|(|(Powered By root@localhost)|(BY kaMtiEz)|(by ChitoZz_)|(By 2mibi)|(s0ul_p0w3r)|(KENNY WIZZY)|(DMaR AL-TMiMi)|([vb Tools])|(By SILVER FOX)|(Gaza Hacker Team)|(Symlink t00lz)|(Unit-X Team)|(By DrZer0)|(DrZer0 Hacker)|(Lagripe-Dz)|(AbdullaH AL-TAMiMi)|($v01b6e203)|(By [ Lkon)|(PHPJackal)|(sime:site)|(-CHA$E-)|(rush1ng)|(by LAMA)|(M1LH4S - T4M)|(By Xadpritox)|(AndRy PNT)|(Ani Shell)|(. Z190T .)|(B Y M A G I C)|(H3xTeCh)|(Surrogafier)|($Ve8662315)|(By TeaM MosTa)|(raCrew ConnectBack)|(M0H4M3D 4M1N3)|(>HcJ <)|(By RAB3OUN)|(# SA3D)|(by r3cogn1z3d)|(LEOMACS CRYPTOGRAPHIC CREW)|(aKpuMPiN)|(By kay8992)|(By DewaSpam)|(By TrYaG.CC)|(Inbox Mailr)|(POwned BY) | (POwned BY) | (ybhacker)|('filesman')|(By Newbie_Campuz)|(by bankonmoney4me)|(Crush Mailr)|(- PHP-Sender)|('
  12. echo
  13. echo -n "Search completed at: "
  14. date
  15. echo  

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